Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hidden Trauma

Wall Street Journal has an interesting article that caught our attention.

Studies Cite Head Injuries As Factor in Some Social Ills
The article goes onto to talk about how brain researchers link mental woes, alcoholism to long-ago blows. The frightening part is that we have almost all had some type of injury and the results may not show up for years.

I was just working on a man who had been a side impact car accident. I saw a stress cue on him that I hadn't seen on him before. There were large white patches on the big toe which in reflexology theory represents the head area. This stress cue to us means there isn't much blood flowing to the head area.

When I asked him if he had hit his head he didn't remember. But when he wrote a check a short time later he put the person's name where the amount should have been and the amount where the signature should have been. No one checked him for a head injury.

I work on my big toe everyday because I did get injuries to the head as a child. It is a simple technique really. And you can use the thumb as well.

Cup the golf ball between your palm and the edge of your big toe. Now roll the golf ball all over the brain stem, brain and neck areas.

From Complete Reflexology for Life

Here is a video that went along with the article. 19854/bctid1395217369

Kevin Kunz

Monday, January 28, 2008

Oh great news. Now everything is shot.

We were once doing a demonstration at a health show. I was working on a young lady. I hit a particularly sensitive spot. She asked,"What is that?' I replied that we consider it the reflex area that relates to the reproductive system.

She said," Oh great news. Now everything is shot."

I assured her that wasn't necessarily the case. The reproductives help produce some of the stress hormones. So if you are under pressure the reproductives can be quite sensitive.

The reproductive system is fairly easy to work with a technique we call "rotating on a point". It can be used anywhere and is particularly useful for bad periods.

Description- "Start by wrapping your hand around the ankle. Rest your thumb at the halfway point between the edge of the heel and the ankle bone, then use the rotating-on-a-point to work the uterus area in women and the prostate area in men. Rotate your foot in a clockwise direction several times and then in a counterclockwise direction several times."

From p114 Complete Reflexology for Life

Kevin Kunz

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

When do you have enough proof?

When do you have enough proof to demonstrate that reflexology is a valuable field of study? How many studies? What type of studies?

While there is no set number there are signs that researchers have caught on to the fact that reflexology is a rich field of study (and in turn a great source of grants). What is surprising is the sophistication of these reflexology studies.

The reflexology studies are using the latest hi tech equipment from functional MRI to real time EKG and ECG's. The Austrians did studies on the kidneys and digestive systems using doppler sonograms.

There are double blind randomized studies done to NIH standards the highest in the world. There are 103 controlled studies that are peer reviewed. Only a handful are negative. And most of them have to do with using reflexology for diagnosing.

So how much is enough?

Kevin Kunz

Does reflexology really help with conceiving??

Actually more and more fertility programs are using reflexology in their approach. The logic is really very simple. When we experience the fight or flight reaction certain parts of our system are ramped up like blood to the heart and lungs. Others are shut down like the reproductive system. When faced with a threat real or perceived reproduction is a low priority.

Reflexology helps lower cortisol which is a primary stress hormone. Lowering cortisol allows the body to return to a state of equilibrium. Under today's stresses interrupting ongoing stress is very important.

It hard to say if it will work for you but it is worth a try. The fad now is to take a cruise for fertility. Reflexology is being included in many of these cruises. Nice way to conceive.

Kevin Kunz

Friday, January 18, 2008

One of my favorite concepts

"At your fingertips lies an ability that's always there. It empowers you to positively address the challenges of life at all its different stages."

Page 7, Complete Reflexology for Life

Nice thought.

Kevin Kunz

Monday, January 14, 2008

Handy stress relief

Here is a fast, easy way to reduce stress. Try "The Squeeze" from Complete Reflexology for Life (p145)

Grab one hand with the other and gently squeeze. The working hand is positioned around the targeted hand. I like to wrapped my working hand around the knuckle level and then move up and down the hand.

When you squeeze you may feel some pain. Back off a bit and reapply. Reposition your working hand and start squeezing again. Always work within your comfort zone and use sense when working with injury or arthritis.

I feel like I am "working the kinks out" when I do this. And I love to go up into the fingers. Do it everyday and even several times a day if you use your hands a lot.

After awhile the pain fades away and your hands will feel a lot more flexible. Because the hand helps set the tension level for the rest of the body it helps you relax overall.

Love it.

Kevin Kunz

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Oprah speaks and the World Googles Part 2 Daily Transmission Statistics Notice the Oprah's mention of reflexology was on the 7th.

----- ----- ------------
17902 | Jan 1 2008
22294 | Jan 2 2008
21216 | Jan 3 2008
20121 | Jan 4 2008
18828 | Jan 5 2008
21835 | Jan 6 2008
47055 | Jan 7 2008
39351 | Jan 8 2008

Oprah speaks and the World Googles

We have a number of spotters who let us know when they have spotted reflexology on TV, newspapers and magazines. My mother-in-law spotted an Oprah episode that just happened to be a rerun of an earlier show. In the show Dr. Oz works on her feet briefly and she purrs her approval.

We want to see if the rerun of the show would have the same effect as the first show. The first show shot our standings on Amazon way up, and our web site more than doubled in hits. And with the web log you can see when the impact hit to the hour.

This time it shot our Amazon standing way up. Our web site more than doubled in hits, the blog receive triple the hits and even our widgets jumped dramatically.

So when Oprah speaks the world googles. And all she really said was that reflexology was so good.

Kevin Kunz

Thursday, January 3, 2008

What is reflexology about?

This was a question on Yahoo Answers. I had fun with my response so don't be too critical. It was done quickly.
This is a hard question to answer since there are so many facets to reflexology.

1) Reflexology is about being able to control your own body.
2) Reflexology is about being able to help others.
3) Reflexology is about wellness and our capability of achieving that state.
4) Reflexology is about human touch and our need for it.
5) Reflexology is about tired hands and feet and a way to renew our poor overworked appendages.
6) Reflexology is about making every footstep a positive rather than a negative.
7) Reflexology is about lowering health care costs.
8) Reflexology is about being able to addressing a health problem.
9) Reflexology is about being connected to others.
10) Reflexology is about children, seniors and overworked parents.
11) Reflexology is about discovery.
12) Reflexology is about developing the brain.
13) Reflexology is about communication.
14) Reflexology is about relieving pain, anxiety and depression.
15) Reflexology is about balance both the physical kind and the mental kind.
16) Reflexology is about addressing the issues of aging.
17) Reflexology is about giving and receiving.
18) Reflexology is about searching for answers.
19) Reflexology is about dealing with stress.
20) Reflexology is about dealing with fatigue.
21) Reflexology is about saving lives.
22) Reflexology is about making one's passing peaceful.
23) Reflexology is about creativity.
24) Reflexology is about life and the celebration of it.

I can go on and on but reflexology is a wonderful tool with many, many facets.

"All acts of life both conscious and unconscious are reflexes." Pavlov's teacher

Happy New Year.

Kevin Kunz