Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Bagel Bribe

Bagels and cream cheese as a bribe for reflexology was a Sunday ritual for a radio broadcaster we met.

It was a Denver radio show several years ago. The host liked his feet done but his usual sidekick did not like her feet touched. This interview she was out sick and had a replacement. The replacement loved to have her feet done.

It was more than foot reflexology for this DJ. It was a Sunday family ritual. Dad would "bribe" the kids to rub his feet with bagels, lox and cream cheese. As she told the story a very warm smile passed over her face. It was obviously a family moment and a "dear old Dad" moment as well.

With our busy lives it is difficult to find such moments. We know of several families where reflexology has been a centering experience. Do you have a ritual that involves the family?

Kevin Kunz

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Red, White and Blue Feet

Red, White and Blue Feet
by Kevin Kunz

Red, white and blue feet are not patriotic feet but stress cues you can pick up from visually observing the feet. The color of feet tell you a lot about not only the general condition of health but may well give you clues as to very specific health problems.

The Chinese say that red is an engorgement of blood while white is a depletion of energy. I put it this way. Red the body is having trouble getting blood away from an area. White it is having trouble getting blood to an area.

An overall redness and there is a general stress on the system. An overall pale white look there is a general weakness. You could call the red foot a "yang foot" and the pale white foot the "yin foot".

What about the blue foot you ask? Well that foot is indicating a problem with oxygen and usually appears with people with lung problems.

Where this gets very interesting is when color stress cues are very specific. Stay tuned. We will have more.

Remember this isn't medical diagnosis and shouldn't replace standard medical care. It is stress cue assessment and can indicate where stress is present.

For more information see. The Complete Guide to Foot Reflexology and MyReflexologist Says Feet Don't Lie.

Kevin Kunz

Friday, September 28, 2007

How to Read Your Feet

Feet can tell you a lot about your body. Calluses, for instance, can tell you where there is stress in the body. Callus on the back of the heel tells you that you are pitching your weight to the lower back. Callus on the side of the big toe is a stress cue that could be pointing to stress at the base of the skull. Callus on the ball of the foot directly below the little toe could be pointing to shoulder pain.

Curled toes tell you a lot as well. They usually indicate hidden pain in the ball of the foot. The toes try to curl to protect the area and give you a little lift off the ground. It does not work very well but often points to tension in the upper back and chest.

These are visual stress cues which are the easiest to pick out. But there are also touch and what we call "press and assess". The later stress cue is fun in classes for picking out tailbone injuries. Bubbles will appear on the side of the foot when you press the heel. Always a crowd pleaser.

I will cover more stress cues in this blog but if you want more information on this The Complete Guide to Foot Reflexology and MyReflexologist Says Feet Don't Lie cover this subject extensively.

Kevin Kunz

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Google rejected us

It was our first. The first time we were turned down for a demonstration. The email came this morning from authors@Google .com.

I don't blame them. There was a dozen potential list reasons for turning us down. Any one of those reasons could nix the deal. But usually people are enthusiastic about a demo.

I am disappointed. It is not the curiosity factor of seeing the Google campus. It isn't really meeting the Google team. Although both those factors would be great there is something more.

I love to do demonstrations. I love to do them because you meet such interesting feet. Even famous feet at times. But I will take ordinary feet anytime because they can be intriguing.

We once did a series of demonstrations for Wild Oats Markets. A woman sat down in my chair. I picked up her feet and said, 'I've worked on these feet before."

She said, "You are amazing. You worked on feet over ten years ago and only for one time. I walked out of your office and my neck popped back in place. It was fine. I felt guilty about never calling you and telling you what happened."

She asked how I knew I had worked on her feet. I explained she had a distinctive stress cue on her foot. And then I joked, "I might not remember your face but I remember your feet."

Kevin Kunz

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Reflexology Paths for Elephants

Reflexology Paths for Elephants
by Kevin Kunz at 5:47 AM PDT, September 26, 2007

A rug salesman years ago told me that elephant's feet are so sensitive that Barnum and Bailey's circus had a special rug designed for their elephants. His company had designed the rugs for them.

A South African reflexologist wrote me awhile latter about how the local zoo had noted that if available the elephants will roll their feet on rocks. It had made the papers. Perhaps they are doing this for their sore feet.

If you google elephants feet you find out what a terrible problem sore feet have become. A Wall Street Journal article, "Elephants Have An Achilles Heel, and It's Their Feet", points out that a number of elephants have died from the complications of sore feet. Several zoos have closed out their programs because of the problem and the Federal government last year solicited the public for solutions.

I was talking to my friend, Michael, in Ireland explaining this situation. Without hesitation Michael said "Why don't they build reflexology paths for the elephants?"

He was referring to the reflexology paths that are spreading throughout Asia and Europe . These paths are just now starting to spread throughout the US.

They are designed to stimulate the bottom of the feet with well placed rocks and logs to simulate the natural surfaces we no longer experience because of shoe wear and flat surfaces. And research has shown they impact the health of senior citizens.

If you were to design an elephant reflexology path how would you design it?

My thanks to Michael Kinneavy for this great idea.

Kevin Kunz

Complete Reflexology for Life

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Interactive Hand Chart

Click all the buttons.

Disneyland for the feet and hands

"Variety is not just the spice of life it is the very stuff of life itself." This was the statement by a man who had just left a sensory deprivation tank. It holds true to reflexology as well.

Feet and hands need variety to achieve stability. Shoes have been called the modern cradle-board because of the way they reshape the feet. Hands are subject to repetitive stress injuries because they are way overboard with the same tasks.

A new concept is gaining hold. It is called allostasis. It is the ability to achieve stability through adaptation or change. We need change to achieve stability. Flat, boring surfaces stress the feet. Pounding on a keyboard stresses the hands. They stress and weaken our whole system.

A reflexology session to me is like Disneyland for the feet and hands. It is a variety of sensations that we seldom experience in our day to day lives. The variety of techniques creates stability not only in our feet and hands but within our nervous system as well. The nervous system needs change to remain stable.

What if you were put in charge of creating a Disneyland for the feet and hands- what would you design?

Kevin Kunz
Complete Reflexology for Life

Friday, September 21, 2007

You've got me under pressure

Too much pressure and you can trigger a fight or flight response. Too little and there is not much response at all. Finally the response I think sums up proper technique application is that it "hurts good".

I have three rules on applying pressure techniques.

1) Stay within their comfort zone. Too much pressure and you can trigger a fight or flight response. Too little and there is not much response at all. Remember Goldilocks?

2) Maintain eye contact. Or at least fairly constant eye contact. The eyes frequently indicate the response to your technique application.

3) Ask if it is comfortable enough. Even with eye contact some people are very stoic which isn't really good. They will say after a session, "you really killed me."

Finally the response I think sums up proper technique application is that it "hurts good". How many of you have heard this expression?

Kevin Kunz

Thursday, September 20, 2007

I have to share this with you

I have to share this with you. We are so excited. After months of working with the DK IT team the widget is a smash hit. This article also talks about the Interactive charts which have become "the most viewed content on the publisher's website".

DK develops reflexology 'widget'
20.09.07 Joel Rickett

Dorling Kindersley has created a "widget" for users to grab and add to their websites and profiles on Facebook and other social networking sites.

The widget, which supports the launch of Reflexology for Life by Kevin & Barbara Kunz, lets users read their hands using a reflexology map. It is based on DK's online reflexology charts, which have become the most viewed content on the publishers' website.

Try the widget. And then it on a friend or post it on your web site or Facebook page.

Or if you like go directly to the highly addicted Interactive Foot and Hand Charts.

Okay I will calm down now. Sort of...

Kevin Kunz

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Three Factors that Determine Success in Reflexology

Three Factors that Determine Success in Reflexology

The Chinese reflexology researchers figured out awhile back how to make reflexology more successful.

They varied these 3 factors:

Frequency or how often you did reflexology.

Duration or how long you did reflexology.

Strength of signal or how hard you did reflexology.

To deal with serious health concerns you increase the frequency and duration of sessions but not necessarily the strength of signal. That needs careful attention.

The Chinese arrangement is usually daily six days a week for two week segments. Then they assess the progress. If they need more application they do another two weeks repeating the pattern.

This seems an impossible accomplishment. The Chinese however will use a combination of practitioner help, family help and self help. But if you have a serious health problem would it be worth daily applications to overcome it? Of course.

I actually use frequency with critical ill people long before I knew of this research. I found that every 6 hours with a critically ill person can be quite helpful, life saving in fact. (It seemed to save my grand nephew from the ravages of flesh eating bacteria.)

The strength of signal is interesting because it is somewhat like the tale of Goldilocks. Too light and the technique application has little effect, too heavy and the technique application can actually be counterproductive.



Tuesday, September 18, 2007

We appreciate your reviews

We Appreciate Reviews
Do you like our books? Do you think they could help others? Your Opinion Counts.
Reviews on Amazon are extremely helpful to both the reader and the author. Reviews help the reader make an informed choice. Reviews also help us with feedback about what you liked about our books.
A few sentences on why you liked the book are just fine. A formal review is not really necessary.
Please only do this if you read our book(s) and feel your review will give guidance to other reflexology readers.
Barbara and Kevin

Complete Reflexology for Life

Complete Reflexology for Life has been released in the US. Yeah :-)

We have decided this is our favorite book. It has a lot of "us" in it. It also has a series of techniques I developed years ago to rejuvenate the feet.

These techniques are fast and quickly loosen the feet. They are really pretty simple to perform.

The techniques work off the concept that the foot is a sensory organ and responds to sensory signals of pressure, stretch and movement. What the foot does in response to these signals is to relax.

This book is aimed at all age groups and both genders.

Have fun

Hand Reflexology Interactive Widget

Click all the buttons for fun.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Wow, what are the odds?

Barbara and I went to a birthday party last night. We usually don't go to parties because I end up working on feet all night.

At any rate we meet the host /birthday boy, Mark at the door. We are carrying our new book, Complete Reflexology for Life to show Mark.

Mark leads us into the kitchen and introduces us to three people.

These people were well familiar with our work. One of the women, Jill explains that she bought our book, Reflexology: Health at Your Fingertips . Wow what are the odds of that.

But then Jill goes on. Her daughter's baby had swelling on the brain in our local university hospital. They were frantic when the nurses had them try reflexology and it worked.

She also told me about using our book to work on inducing labor. That worked as well.

Jill went through every page in the new book very carefully. I was wondering what was going through her head.

I have to find out more.