Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Reflexologist and Listening Skills Revisited

There’s now some science behind the reflexologist-client relationship. Aside from skills in reflexology, the reflexologist’s role places importance on listening skills. After all, sitting face to face with someone for up to an hour, does encourage conversation. A previous blog noted listening skills as contributing to the reflexologist’s ability to keep the client. Interestingly, there’s more going on. As noted by a recent study, it’s “the role of the therapeutic relationship within reflexology practice.”

A study by Dr. Peter Mackereth and colleagues sheds light on the question, what do people talk about during reflexology? and more. Mackereth and his colleagues analyzed 245 audiotapes recorded during a study comparing reflexology “to progressive muscular relaxation in improving the psychological and physical profile associated with multiple sclerosis.” Over six their reflexology sessions, 48 of the 50 participants “share(d) worries and concerns. Recurring disclosure themes related to physical symptoms and treatment, psychological concerns, home/family worries, and work/leisure issues. Explorative analysis revealed some differences in the amount of disclosure over the weeks, between for example the participant's type of MS and time living with the diagnosis. Conclusions: Reflexology appears to have created a space for patients to talk about their worries and concerns, and to receive advice and support from the nurse therapists. This work contributes to the debate about the role of the therapeutic relationship within reflexology practice.”

Mackereth PA, Booth K, Hillier VF, Caress AL, “What do people talk about during reflexology? Analysis of worries and concerns expressed during sessions for patients with multiple sclerosis.,” Complementary Therapeutic Clinical Practice. 2009 May;15(2):85-90. PMID: 19341986

Total Reflexology for the Hands

Total Reflexology for the Hands, Barbara Kunz, Item -Barnes & Noble Yeah it is finally out.Third kit from Barnes&Noble

Kevin Kunz 

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Should Each Toe have It's Own Home

Okay the first time we saw toe socks was in 1990 when we were attending the Rwo Shr conference in Tokyo.  It was 1990 and they were a gift.

They looked so bizarre when you put them on. The toe socks are like mittens for your feet.

Should toes have there own little "houses" to be really comfortable? I think toe socks are really neat to wear and used to wear them to demonstrations. Toe socks are a real show stopper.

Now shoes are taking up the cause of the toes individuality. The Vibram shoe has become a runaway hit (excuse my pun). These shoes take the bizarre look of individual toes.

But people love them! Who would have guessed. the only drawback is that the owners won't stop talking about them.

Kevin Kunz

Monday, April 26, 2010

Do you think Reflexology can help reform some of the ills of society? Like the isolation people feel from a lack of tactile stim

 I thought this was a great answer to a question I threw out to Twitter and Facebook. My Facebook friend Barb Tucker came up with this response.

"Do you think Reflexology can help reform some of the ills of society? Like the isolation people feel from a lack of tactile stimulation."

Barb Tucker
For sure! I do volunteer my services with people who are isolated because of mental illness, or afraid of any kind of touch because of being sexually abused. Reflexology is a wonderful medium for allowing these people to relax, calm their anxiety and be touched in a safe and non-threatening way.

Kevin Kunz

Friday, April 23, 2010

Free Reflexology Forums

I was answering a question for a Facebook friend and I mentioned that I could put it up her request on the two reflexology forums I run. She immediately wanted to join. So here is the info for the rest of you if you want to learn more about reflexology.

The Facebook reflexology group is quite casual while the Yahoo group has a lot of very serious professionals who not only chat among themselves but also answer questions for newbies and lay people.

Hope this helps.  

Kevin Kunz

Kunz & Kunz LLC 

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

MyReflexologist Says: Feet Don't Lie

A comment off Facebook about MyReflexologist Says: Feet Don't Lie.

"That is a great book! I have bought practically everything you have published! I want to order more of your brochures "Can Reflexology Help Me? I need to know what e-address to go to, so I can do that. A local hospital accepted my reflexology information along with your "Can Reflexology Help Me" brochure, as they are considering adding Reflexology to their alternative therapy program. Thanks for all the knowledge that you share."

Patricia Pietri

Kevin Kunz

Friday, April 16, 2010

Wildfire Marketing for Reflexology

Viral marketing is in essence word of mouth advertising that passes on your message. word of mouth marketing is now broadcast so rapidly with emails, texting, social networking and other Internet methods that it has been dubbed "viral marketing". This is because the word about whatever the subject spreads like a virus.

Yet can printed brochures be like a virus? We think they can. and here is why.

A friend of ours, Erma Slyvester,  who is also a reflexologist bought "Can Reflexology Help Me?" (our research brochure) and "What is Reflexology?"(a basic information brochure for new or potential clients).

She passed them onto a client, an emergency nurse. The nurse in turn passed them onto the social worker at the hospital where she works. The social worker then came Erma as a client. The social worker then proceeded to prepare information packets for nurses at the hospital using the brochures as part of the presentation.

The outcome is that Erma picked up more clientele and at the same time has her foot in the door of the largest hospital in New Mexico.

To her the brochures represent "instant credibility". And they spread the word about reflexology like a virus.  Or maybe even like a wildfire.

Kevin Kunz

Amazing Reflexology Story

Dear Mr. Kevin Kunz,

I just want to share the joy of seeing my patient being cured of
glaucoma, who is 100 years old, my neighbour.
Since Dec2009 he was not able to see or open his eyes. His family
members had a tough time in taking care.
I visited him on 15 Apr 2010 and told about reflexology and I am
practicing it. With their consent I treated the eye
and ear points. On 16 Apr, he is able to open his eyes and  see now
after two sittings. He needs some more sittings to enable him to read
newspaper, his daily routine.
Thanks a lot to you and ur book which enabled him to recover his
vision. Continue the good work u and ur wife
are doing. There are many other cases to share but this being the
recent I wish to share with u both.

with regards,


John Andrews

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Alzheimer's Sign?- More pictures, more questions

Can Alzheimer's be detected through the feet? This is an going discussion we have been having on this blog and on my Facebook page. 

Here is the theory. A Canadian reflexologist years ago went through an Alzheimer's ward and note that there was an overlapping of the big toe and the second toe. At times the overlapping was so severe that there was a podlike flap coming from the big toe. The second toe actually at times rests on this flap of skin. 

There was one comment from a FB friend who said she hadn't really detected this sign even though she did reflexology on ward with Alzheimer's patients. But here are others would have seen this sign with their own kin like the feet above kindly submitted to us from another FB friend. 

The above pictures are a slightly different look than the last Alzheimer's sufferer. It isn't quite as dramatic but if you look at the top picture you can see quite a bit of impact from the big toe resting against the second toe. Look at the line on the big toe that curves away from the second toe. 

The jury is still out on whether these lines have any significance. But it is worth a look. (Thanks for contributing these pictures and giving us permission to use them.)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Really touching comment- thank you

My father passed away this last January. Got to go to his home in Idaho Falls over the weekend and  look through his Reflexology books. He did have original publications of Eunice Ingham thatsomeone borrowed and never returned (sad loss). He wore out several of your books as they were at his bed side for years. His new favorite was your recent publication which was the hard back. I had ordered it for him. He had made a comment that this new book was one on the most comprehensive books for reflexology he had ever seen.  I appreciate the time and effort you and your wife take to share your love of  this work. ~G"

Kevin Kunz

Monday, April 12, 2010

What’s New in Reflexology Research

What’s new in reflexology research? It’s what’s being researched. The following new studies were conducted in China. Considering these studies one is struck by:
(1) possible reflexology uses in medical care
(2) ever-expanding uses and results sought by a Chinese medical system that has conducted reflexology research for at least 30 years
(3) possible future uses of reflexology in medical systems all over the world
(4) the future job of a reflexologist / hospitalist, a reflexologist who is on call as needed to provide reflexology services to multiple categories of hospital patients, e. g. pre-operative, post operative, cancer care, hemodialysis, birthing, post natal.

New Studies
• While pain and anxiety are subjects of many reflexology studies, 27 and 24 respectively, the new wave of reflexology research tests for pain and anxiety during the colonoscopy procedure; with mechanical ventilation insertion and following post operative after pacemaker installation.
• Reflexology application to those with constipation concerns has been researched previously for individuals in all age ranges: children, college students, middle aged women and the elderly. Recent research has investigated the effect of reflexology on constipation in individuals who have experienced a stroke in one study, coronary heart disease in another, cancer in a third study and dementia in a fourth.
• Easier child birthing has been documented through research and now new research is showing amelioration for the post natal period: reduction in pain after Cesarean section, improved sleep, improved recovery of urination and defecation; lessened depression and anxiety.
• Studies of diabetics has previously shown improved peripheral circulation following reflexology work through testing by tactile response and intensity of symptoms. New studies show peripheral circulation improvements through measurement of motor and sensory nerve conduction velocity.
• Research about the impact of reflexology on the elderly has demonstrated improvements in blood pressure, control over falls, and sleep. New studies show that the application of reflexology positively impacts the hospitalized elderly: vitality in one study and in another study, sleep, fatigue, vital signs and blood sugar levels in the elderly with type 2 diabetes mellitus.
• Physiologic measures: A study of uterine fibroids showed changes in prolactin, testosterone, progesterone, and estrogen. 

Barbara Kunz

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tone: The Communicator

© Eraxion. Image from

Body's self repair operates at a certain tension level. Create a relaxation response with Reflexology and body starts to auto self repair.  (This morning's Twitter)

This early morning tweet by me lead to a discussion on "tone". One person wanted to know more on tone so we are putting up snippets of any article dating back to 1982. We were really into tone back then and even built it into our book, Hand and Foot Reflexology: A Self Help Guide.

The way we maintain tone is a complex yet beautiful system. So here are some quotes from Tone: The Communicator.

"The body is in constant communication with all parts of itself providing the ability to move and survive. The ability to move calls for knowledge of the position of every muscle, joint and tendon. The ability to survive requires a perception of the chemical levels, in case of emergency changes in them.'

"Tone describes such a communication system. Tone is usually recognized as a state of readiness. It is most often associated with muscles but it also exists in the internal organs.'

"Tone is the background against which events of the day are played. It is however an active background as if each blade of grass in the background of a movie set were also playing a role in the picture.'

We were very deep into tone back then as we saw it as the connection between various body parts. The body sets a certain tension level or tone in the background in order to respond quickly to changing demands.

It would be impossible to survive without well regulated tension levels. Sleeping is different than being awake. Sleeping is a different level of tone than being awake and it could be a catastrophe if the two tonal levels were mixed up.

The feet help set the tone or tension level of the body. This is so we can stand upright successfully and move properly. It takes an enormous amount of information about the proper tension levels to make this happen. If this communication is miskeyed or inadequate we fall down.

I always use the story of falling asleep with my legs tucked under me to explain this concept. When the phone rang I jumped up to get it and immediately fell down. Since my legs were asleep I didn't have the proper tone or tension to stand upright must less run for the phone.

Why is tone important in reflexology? The feet help set the tension level for the rest of the body. Reflexology with it's applications of pressure alter the tone of the body. The patterns of stress formed in the feet are "broken up" by applications of new signals.

Shoes and flat surfaces send the same tonal messages into the system. Boring. The stress of not having a variety of signals to respond to makes the body work within tight ranges of tension or tone.

Feet have incredible capacity to respond to a wide variety of input as we pick our way over uneven terrain. Yet with shoes and flat surfaces the same signals are inputted over and over again. A lack of variety is stressful.

There is a new concept that states the system finds stability through change. Change is a must or as one researcher put it, "Variety is not just the spice of life. It is the very stuff of life itself.

We experience high degrees of tension when the tone of our internal conversation doesn't change. A little change or shift in your tone is good for you. If fact it may be the very stuff of your life's rich experience.

Kevin Kunz

Monday, April 5, 2010

Reflexology Paths Gone Mad, Reflexes Gone Wild

Revisiting the newest in reflexology paths, I couldn’t help but think, Yes these are reflexology paths gone mad with creativity. But, they’re also vehicles to drive reflexes wild.

A reflexology path as the flooring for a walk through hot and cold water jets? As the flooring of a shower? That’s creative. On reflection, I’m most struck by what reflexology path / spa equipment from Exar of Italy are made to do. They’re there to provide multiple sensory experiences—and drive reflexes wild. Yes, taking the reflexes to places they’ve never been before. After all, one of them “The Wellness Route is much more than a Kneipp route—a never felt sensation is expecting you.” I like that idea— a lot.

Here reflexology paths, built to exercise the pressure sensors of the feet, are paired with the exercise of multiple reflexes simultaneously. Exposure to hot water, cold water and light are built in to the spa equipment with reflexology path floors. (Carrara marble reflexology paths? Wow). The Wellness Route: “provide(s) the sole of the foot with an efficacious massaging effect.” Water jets in the path’s perimeter columns “offer legs a healthy hydrotherapy massage.” The hydromassage Scottish shower cabin includes the reflexology path floor, 15 jet nozzles on three levels and “optic fiber sequence with relaxing effect” in the ceiling. Benefits of water jets are noted as: “The hot-cold effect of dilatation-constriction make blood vessels exercise: the skin is better nourished and oxygenated, looks tighter and brighter.”

Other equipment from Exar includes machines providing benefits of exercising multi reflexes at once. A vibrating platform combines the benefits of “aroma-enriched oxygen inhalation to those from color therapy in a new high-tech concept, and Combiplate, a vibrating oscillating platform ideal for toning muscles and weight loss. … “Stress, smoke, wrong lifestyle and overweight reduce our capacity to absorb oxygen, while our oxygen need doesn’t decrease. Oxygen improves circulation, gives mental lucidity, helps metabolism, stimulates body's defences, revitalizes tissues, detox blood.Many reasons to choose oxygen, many reasons to choose.”

Bottom line: Reflexology ideas are taking a step into the future, being included in cutting edge, high tech, top-of-the-line spa equipment and taking a place as a valuable health resource.

Barbara Kunz

Friday, April 2, 2010

Is There an Alzheimer Sign?

Is there a sign of Alzheimer's reflected in the toes? Note the slant of the toes. Also see how the flap of skin is under the second toe. Could this be an indicator for Alzheimer's? Could early detection help stave off this pandemic?

The picture above is not someone diagnosed with Alzheimer's but her mother had it. The next picture is of someone diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Again notice the flap of skin going underneath the second toe. At times there is an overlap across to the third toe.

Can you help us? We are looking for people with Alzheimer's and what their feet look like in a photo. Would you send us a digital photo whether or not this sign exists of a person diagnosed with the disease? Please don't include their face if possible. But we can crop it out.

And written permission to use it would be nice. We will preserve their privacy. Please send it to our email.

Let's see if this holds up. thanks.

Kevin Kunz

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Reflexology Paths Gone Mad

Latest in Reflexology Paths
Reflexology paths have gone mad—with creativity. Or, so you’d think looking at the latest batch of photos from around the world. From a Shoez store in Singapore to a Kneipp path/bath in Italy, you’ve never seen anything like them.

The Kneipp Path Wellness Route is from Exar of Italy, maker of relaxation and stress therapy equipment. It includes water features that spray the legs with warm water as one walks through the reflexology path surface of Carrara marble. “The Wellness Route is much more than a Kneipp route—a never felt sensation is expecting you, but first of all look at its structure. It is a wellness system featured by an unusual shape. To occupy the minimum space the course expands like a spiral: this gives it the attractive look of a big snail, evoking babies’ toys. The floor is made in spheroid cobblestones (diameter 25-40mm) of Carrara marble to provide the sole of the foot with an efficacious massaging effect. The perimeter is made of 22 columns in anticorrosive metal, epoxily painted linked together by 21 sheets of tempered crystal.”

Another product from the company is the Hydromassage Scottish Shower Cabin, “…an advanced wellness device that gives beneficial, pleasant, immediate results. Its working is based on hot water cycles (38° C) alternating with cold water ones (10° C), according to a program regulated by a microprocessor. You can choose one of the automatic programs or set the session manually as you like. In the automatic programs the hot-cold cycles massage separately calves, thighs, thorax and head, with the special programs more parts are massaged together. … “On the basis of Sprizzy you find Carrara marble-made cobblestones for true plantar reflexology, on the ceiling optical fibres light sequence with relaxing effect. The wellness feeling is immediate.”

In Singapore the Shoes retail store was designed by a student at the Temasek Design School. The store provides “A unique retail environment concept which (is) inspired by the shoe sole patterns that is applied as the flooring texture and material. Creative and innovative display of the merchandise attracts the attention of shoppers. A “trendy” shopping experience which includes its glowing floor, variations of horizontal plane height thus an elderly-friendly store concept which integrates the anti-slip rubber flooring and foot-reflexology pebbles path at two corners.”

Barbara Kunz