Thursday, May 28, 2009

Reflexology Remote Massages Your Hand While You Channel Surf

Gizmodo - Cool.con Reflexology Remote Massages Your Hand While You Channel Surf -

Oh goody!!! A reflexology remote that massages your hand while you channel surf. Just what the world needed. Here is some of the copy that makes me shutter. 

"This spiny little contraption has the unique ability to simultaneously control your TV and your chronic kidney, uterus or testicle-related ailments. This is truly a magical medical breakthrough product."

Imagine that. You can channel surf while taking care of your testicle-related ailments at the same time. With the other hand you could eat snack food. This is a truly magical medical breakthrough product. And I do stress medical and magical. It has FDA approval written all over it. 

"The Cool.con universal remote employs reflexology to stimulate pressure points on the hand that are said to correspond to various areas of the body to promote better overall health. So the next time your partner bitches at you for watching too much TV, just tell them that you are engaged in a very serious medical procedure. Those witchdoctors said you needed dialysis—but you know better."

Okay so I finally figure this was not an official company statement but the blogging of a gadget fanatic on a  review site for all things of a gadget nature. It is fun and got me going. Our thanks to Gizmodo- a gadget blog for the gag. 

But does anyone seriously think that a combination remote and hand massager is a good idea. It simply ties a sedentary activity to a vibrating hand massager. I am in favor of vibration because it does break up patterns of stress. But on a remote???

Puzzling but I will steel myself for the next reflexology-exploitation. Maybe it will be a reflexology ice cream cone holder that massages your hand will you wolf down that Rocky Road ice cream. It couldn't hurt. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wiggling Toes Part 3 and other stuff

I have been finding the more I wiggle my toes to help me sleep the more my feet seem to benefit as well. It feels like it is loosening up my feet beyond the toes and into the body of the foot. This feels really good. Delightful, in fact. 

Have any of you toe wigglers out there had similar reactions?

Also Michael Reed Gach in one of his many acupuncture books had a foot to foot exercise I have been using lately with great success. You lay one foot on the floor and place the other foot on top of it. Apply slight pressure. It squeezes the foot in a nice way kind of like the electric foot rollers that have a contraption to squeeze your foot. 

I like to rock the foot a little side by side increasing pressure as it feels de-stressing. Never do it beyond your comfort zone and always start out gradually. Don't hurt yourself. I find it feels very good to reposition the foot along the spinal area on the inside of the foot and give a press all the way from the ball of the foot to the low back area.  

This is the ultimate low energy, sit in your big comfy chair and have a positive impact on your feet exercise. Try it. Tell me how you like it. 

And books still are scarce. DK is rushing to put books Reflexology: Health at Your Fingertips and Complete Reflexology for Life back into print. The Total Reflexology kit from Barnes and Noble will very likely be out of stock soon. It is out of stock online and there seems to be very few in stores. 

This all points to the soaring popularity of reflexology. I still can't get over the prices for Complete Reflexology for Life. Apparently since it is out of stock the prices FOR USED Editions start at 80 bucks and go up to $376.00. And they are selling!!! The 3 new copies were sold at $180+ right out. Really crazy. 

Are you seeing a surge in interest in reflexology? There was even a mention in the paper today of Lance Armstrong and getting his feet rubbed. What is going on? 

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Walking on Rocks

We are headed to Taos to walk on rocks in the streambed of the Rio Hondo. Some people think we are mad but it is a great way to rebalance yourself. Also it is a great way to break an ankle or cause a potentially fatal head injury.

So if you decide to do this start slowly. Check the stability of the rocks. Check to make sure the rocks are too slick.

I use the skiwalking poles for extra safety. And I go for shapes and not distance. We will walk in place on a rock we like.

It is nature which heightens the experience. So if you can't go to the Rio Hondo or some other stream take your cobblestone mat outside.

Kevin Kunz

Monday, May 18, 2009

Wiggling Your Toes Addition

Well I had a thought. If wiggling your toes helps you sleep would doing something with your hands also help. To me this is simply breaking up a pattern of stress that forms during the day. 

So join me on this experiment. I tried stretching my hands while wiggling my toes. Start with your hands in a relaxed position. Then stretch them flat. Combined with toe wiggling it seems to have a very fast effect on my sleep.

Let me know if it does the same for you. 

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Study: Job loss associated with health problems -

© Jobles. Image from

"As if losing your job isn't bad enough, a new study suggests that people who are laid off are at higher risk of being diagnosed with health conditions such as hypertension, heart disease, and even arthritis than those who keep their jobs."

"It's particularly important to manage stress in healthy ways and try to maintain good health habits and cope effectively." according to study author Kate Strully, assistant professor of sociology at the State University of New York at Albany. Study: Job loss associated with health problemsTheresa Tamkins,, 05/12/09

Okay you lost your job. What now? Stress according to this study can actually set off a number of problems which can make your situation even worse. What are some effective strategies? 

1. Don't go it alone. 
Find someone to do stress reducing exercises like reflexology with. 
Trade sessions with someone. Or find a family who will trade with you. Giving a session can be very beneficial as well. The people who do reflexology tend to be on the healthy side because of the tactile stimulation that they receive. So give some to receive some.
2. Use your new found time to focus on stress and not bury it. 
Stress is not easily buried. It tends to resurface in harmful ways as this study shows. 
So make your job applications and look for jobs on your computer but do it with a foot roller under your feet. Or rub your hands as you make that important call. Break up those stress patterns as you apply yourself. 
And start your own personal spa to relax after a hard day of job hunting. Walk out barefoot on your lawn to relax and refresh your system. Or find ways that make you relax and feel better about yourself. 
3. Interrupt stress on do it frequently. 
This is my main mantra. Stress won't kill you. It is the continuity of stress that will kill you. Humans can endure incredibly high levels of stress if that stress is occasionally interrupted. So interrupt the stress and do it frequently. 
4. Don't fight stress, do some judo on it. 
In Judo the idea is never to meet the force head-on. Rather you redirect the energy. If you are feeling nervous about the job situation redirect that energy into doing something that is positive for your mind and your body. 

How can you think of coping with this or other difficult times? 

Monday, May 11, 2009

Total Reflexology Kits

Quick note on the Total Reflexology Kit from Barnes and Nobel. This kit sold out 3 weeks before Xmas last year. Total Reflexology Kit seems to be hitting it's mark earlier this year with many stores already selling out even though it was just restocked in stores as of March. It does not appear to be available online but you can use the B&N store locator to see if it is available in a store in your area. Just put in your zip code and see if it is in stock. You might call the store even if it appears out of stock as if there is a single copy it may show as out of stock according to a B&N employee. 

People were disappointed last year in not being able to find Total Reflexology kit in the stores. So even though it seems too hot to shop for Xmas it may be a good idea to nail down a kit or two. It is a a great gift. 

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Reflexology is Exploding!!!!!!!

In the past 48 hours we have seen evidence that reflexology is just exploding. We are experiencing out of stock situations on both Reflexology: Health at Your Fingertips and Complete Reflexology for Life across the country. We have even seen record prices for Complete Reflexology for Life through for new and used editions. 

Prices are soaring up to $186.00 for a new edition of Complete Reflexology for Life.  The same thing is happening in the UK with a $166.00 for first edition. But the kicker is a used edition that is going for $376.00 for a used edition in the US. 

We could blame the publisher but our other publisher Barnes and Noble is out of both books and the Total Reflexology kit that they produce. It is out not only through Barnes and but also throughout the Barnes and Noble chain. (Try their store locator to see if any are available in your area.) 

Do we think this is because we are really good writers? We would like to think so but not really. We think because of the current economic times people are seeking out reflexology for what it is, a truly low cost healthcare system. We are just feeling the surge from what must be the coming of age for reflexology. 

It is time to rev up the reflexologists!!! It is your time to build your clientele despite the gloomy news. People seem to be looking for reflexology. Go get them!!! 

Monday, May 4, 2009

Location, Location, Location

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I was talking to a reporter today from YourHealth Monthly about an article on reflexology. We were talking about foot rollers, a simple way to deliver self help. Shannon, the writer, asked, "Then you could station a foot roller under your desk?"

I said this is one time that multitasking works really well. You can use the devices without a lot of concentration.

Putting a self help tool close to where you will use it is also a good way to remind yourself to do it. We use golf balls for self help so we have golf balls stationed in the living room, the car, our office and the bedroom. (In the bedroom I use it when I am having trouble sleeping or the occasional stomach upset.) And Barbara carries golf balls in her purse.

People actually think we are avid golfers because you will find golf balls in our cars for times when you have to wait in the car. But it makes waiting for someone or something at least a little productive.

There are two places you should take great care when using a golf ball. Movie theaters and airlines can be problematic as occasionally a golf ball will get loose and bounce down the aisles. It really isn't a safety issue rather it is the personal embarrassment on that rhythmic bouncing as it makes it's way down the row.

There is a series of memory techniques that use "loci" or locations to remember lists. Attaching the item with a location such as placing a mental image of a bottle of milk you need at the store within your living room makes it simpler to remember. 

So too it makes it easier to remember to do your self help if you have placed self help tools like a golf ball or a foot roller close to your easy chair or desk. You might get a couple of foot rollers to put them where they can be used.

But remember never put them in a pathway where you might trip on them. And remember to take care on the airline or movie theater so the golf ball doesn't escape. Of course you can always look at the guy behind you to throw off suspicion. But that would be mean.

Kevin Kunz