Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pzizz tool lowers stress

Jason from Pzizz sent me this program to try out. Okay so it isn't reflexology but I am going to go off topic for this one.

The program is called Pzizz. Here is the ad copy they sent:

"If you feel tired during the day, Pzizz is definitely for you! In as little as 10 minutes, Pzizz can clear your brain, improve focus, lower stress and lets you get on with your day by helping you take a short performance break. How does it work? The Pzizz software is downloaded to your PC/Mac/mobile device in two forms an Energizer Module (which helps users take power naps during the day) and a Sleep Module (which helps user get a good night’s sleep). The voice, music, and sound effects in the Pzizz software induce the most beneficial brain-wave patterns at any given stage of sleep."

I listen to relaxation tapes nearly everyday. I thought I would put this one through it's paces. I tried it during the day in all kinds of conditions even with the TV blasting. It worked.

I tried it first thing in the morning when I had had a hard time sleeping because of a late night phone call. I tried it after a stressful family event. Each time it worked.

The one problem I have with relaxation tapes is that they take thirty to forty minutes. And even then I should not handle heavy equipment or machinery right after I get up. I am still out of it for quite awhile.

Pzizz leaves me energized immediately. . I am feeling like Pzizzing right now. I know I can recharge on the spot. And if you want a shorter or longer version you can adjust it. But take the time to do the twenty minute version for awhile.

The night time version also works well as I have a deeper sleep. Still exploring it. But pleased so far.

I am not getting a dime out of this. Try it.

Kevin Kunz

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The wonders of ‘kolkolis’

The wonders of ‘kolkolis’ -, Philippine News for Filipinos

Kolkolis is an indigenous form of reflexology where sticks are beaten on one’s soles. Songaben Payoyo, a 66 year old healer practices it in the Philippines.
“This is not mere massage. This is healthy to everyone, especially the old,” he says.

“Even when I was young, some foreigners would ask the elders in the village what kolkolis was good for. The elders would say it makes the nerves awake,” he says.

“It’s rare for those who undergo kolkolis regularly to suffer a stroke,” he says.

Editor's note- I have never heard of this. Has anyone out there ever tried this?

Kevin Kunz

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Rose Shapiro on how to spot quacks

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Rose Shapiro on how to spot quacks | Life and style | The Guardian:
 "Radovan Karadzic"

Rose Shapiro
Just because Karadic was a war criminal, it doesn't follow that all alternative practitioners are genocidal maniacs, and indeed many practitioners sincerely believe in what they are doing and want to help their clients. But there have surely been enough cases now of blatant recklessness if not outright deceit to confirm that practising alternative medicine is very often the last refuge of the scoundrel.

My email to the Guardian:

I had a feeling when I first heard this story that someone blame this on complementary therapies.Thankfully Ms. Shapiro comes to the rescue. It is a relief that all practitioners are not genocidal maniacs in Ms. Shapiro's eyes.

Ms. Shapiro's point that complementary therapies are a great refuge for former tyrants may miss a fundamental point of logic. The complete makeover that Radovan Karadzic had undergone may have been more of a reason he wasn't discovered. He could have hidden out as a butcher. Then I imagine Ms. Shapiro would go after the butchers in their laxity of credentials. Or would that not achieve the aim of this diatribe which is quite simply to sell her book?

I can't believe the editors of the Guardian published this twisted rant.

Kevin Kunz

Reflexology Research Project

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Relaxcation: I thought I had invented a new word

A staycation is a stay at home vacation. Staycations are all the rage now with gas prices so high and since everybody seems to be broke.

Barbara and I recently took a staycation because we simply could not get away. And we are lucky enough to have Hacienda Antigua down the street from us. I am working in this delightful place. And the best part is that Bob, the owner, told us that we should use the pool whenever we feel like it. 

So we spent part of our staycation swimming and lounging around the pool. The Hacienda Antigua is surrounded by a large wall and beautiful surroundings. It really is not like being close to home. Yet you don't have the stress of airports or car travel. 

That started me thinking about relaxcations or relaxing vacations at home. I thought I had invented a new word. A quick Google and I found out that the word was being not used widely but did exist. 

It doesn't take away from the idea of designing your own stay at home relaxing vacation. 

Reflexology is an ideal candidate for your relaxcation. Either set up a relaxing reflexology session for yourself or trade with your family and friends. Add the trimmings- soft music, nice lighting. Use your imagination.

What would you do on a relaxcation?

Kevin Kunz

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Getting Into Reflexology Part 4- Finding a Guinea Pig

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Where to find guinea pigs?

There is a lot to be said for "guinea pigs" contributions to the rise of reflexology. Family and friends have helped out many a reflexologist get started by acting as their first subjects or guinea pigs.

It is really the traditional way a lot of reflexologist get started practicing. First family and friends and then if the reflexologist is ready for the big league they started working outside of their volunteer circle. Of course, training becomes very important at this stage.

But there are other types of "guinea pigs" that can help you hone your skills. Senior citizen homes from assisted living to nursing homes can provide valuable experience to learn how feet change as we age.

Working with families in need and children have distinctive advantages in helping you get experience. You can get to know what stress can effect those who are struggling and how age can alter the response to stress. And you can provide comfort to people who can really use some help.

It can also be helpful to work with different groups of people with similar problems. People with similar disabilities can be helpful in learning what different feet can be like. I know one woman who became an expert on brain injury by helping the victims of this condition.

When I started out and tried to find as many different types of people as I could find. It gave me great insight to compare and contrast different feet and different conditions. I really feel it gave me an education that will last a lifetime.

People often ask me how I know just by looking at a pair of feet different facts about a person. It is all those feet and all those "lessons". After all every pair of feet is it's own classroom in a sense.

Every person out there can be a potential lesson for the reflexologist. I actually remember some of my key lessons from years ago and the people that were attached to them.

Kevin Kunz

Monday, July 21, 2008

Getting Into Reflexology Part 3

Learning the areas on the feet and hand is a key to technique application. While it is important to work the whole foot or hand at least one time through it is also important to know specific areas in order to add emphasis. Emphasis helps to bolster areas that are particularly under stress. 

Learning how the organization of the feet is fairly straightforward. The right foot or hand represents the right side of the body. The left foot or hand represents the left side of the body. The exception is the brain which crosses over. 

The toes and fingers represent the head/neck/sinus reflex areas. The ball of the foot and the upper palm of the hand represent the chest/lungs/breast/heart. The arch of the  foot and the lower palm of the hand represent the internal organs such as the liver, stomach and so forth. The heel of the hand and the heel of the foot represent the the lower back and the lower parts of the digestive system. 

An easy way to learn the parts of the feet and hands is to go to These interactive charts allow you to learn the areas at your leisure. Also free charts are available for your download at
And if you want a complete description of the organizational scheme for charts try The Complete Guide to Foot Reflexology for the feet and Hand Reflexology: How to Work on Someone's Hands for the hands.

Kevin Kunz

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Advantages of Reflexology

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reflexologycommunity : Message: Re: [Reflexology Community ] Advantages of Reflexology:
Some responses I have had from people when I have asked what benefits
(advantages) following treatments have included the following :
'It made me feel whole again'
'Felt like my feet were connected to my body again'
'Helped me cope better'
'Suddenly noticed other little niggly physical things had gone'
'My husband noticed the difference in me immediately' - so more appropriate
responses in relationships

The most potent one for me is when people have lapsed in regular treatments and they have said on a return visit 'I really noticed not having my reflexology.
My body has been waiting for this.' So absence of reflexology affects people as
much as the results when having it.



I also liked the answer I received from Sue Todd in Canada. She said she would add "awareness".
"It is a common complaint from my students whose family members say their feet suddenly started hurting after they started to receive reflexology. I tell my students that nine out of ten times it is simply that they have now created an awareness in that person. The feet were sore before, they just weren't aware of it."

Editor's note:This has a lot to do with subconscious pain. Most of the pain in our feet are subconscious in nature. When reflexology awakens these areas this is a common response.

Kevin Kunz

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

These Shoes Don't Fit


Okay if you follow this link you will find an odd picture of a shoe that doesn't fit. The request was, "I am looking for a shoe with magnets , it reduces weight if you wear it and it works by the principle of reflexology,"

The factory's response is as follows:

1.They are designed SMALL with a great purpose in mind. They fit only ¾ of your foot! Your heal must hang off the end of the shoe for the effective reflexology and body alignment to take place.
2. The structure of the slipper engages different muscles while walking and strengthens core muscles.
3. The Magnets in the slippers stimulate circulation and Reflexology points.

Okay how come I feel like the factory had an overstock of small shoes and came up with this brilliant marketing scheme. How come reflexology gets attached to all these weight loss products? And finally how about the people with really small feet?

Kevin Kunz

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Advantages of Reflexology

A question in Yahoo Answers came up about the advantages and disadvantages of three different modalities, one of which was reflexology. 

Here is my list of advantages:


Can be used at any age.
You do not have to disrobe.
Cost effective
Can be perform as self help.
Helps your feet and your body.
Pays attention to a long neglected part of your body.
Green practice
Does not require expensive equipment.

These are other advantages I thought after I quickly wrote  the first set.

Can be a bond between people.
Has an impact on the mind as well as the body.
Has been a lifesaver to some.
Often works even if a person doesn't believe in it.
The tools of the trade are always at your fingertips.
Can be a pure comfort at times.
Addresses problems such as stress which medicine has trouble addressing.
A study which is very interesting and can be lifelong.
It gives benefits to both the receiver and the giver.

What do you think the advantages of reflexology are?

Kevin Kunz

Monday, July 14, 2008

Getting into Reflexology Part 2

Looking at books in a bookstore or on is a good way to get a feel for whether reflexology is for you.

Are you excited at the prospect of helping yourself and/or helping others. Or does the sight or the idea of working on feet and hands simply turn you off? (Hands seem to be more appealing to people who see working on feet as a turnoff.)

Look through books at your local bookstore and get a sense of your reactions. Are you ready to do reflexology or would you rather go to a spa and have them do it for you? Be honest. It saves a lot of time.

I am obviously biased towards our own titles and don't want to be critical of other reflexology books. So here is a good way to avoid all that is to go to and search for reflexology books. Read the description and the reviews and see what appeals to you. There are a lot of titles to choose from.

Are you interested in self help or family help? Or are you interested in reflexology as a potential occupation? Are you into energy work or are you more oriented towards the nervous system approach?

Get a little background knowledge from whatever book or books you select and try it out either as a self help workout or do it for someone else. Again use this exercise to gauge your reactions. Don't expect to do a whole session at first. It takes time to learn the techniques and to build up a little strength to do them.

Understanding your reactions is an important step to a successful reflexology experience whether that is self help, family help or a career in reflexology.

Kevin Kunz

Friday, July 11, 2008

YouTube - Reflexology Park

YouTube - Reflexology Park

This is really a pretty good video of a Reflexology Park in Korea. It is from YouTube. 

The first reflexology path Barbara and I saw was in Tokyo in 1990. It was built by Shisiedo engineers. The idea was that the path would work each and every part of the foot. There were even temple bridges that used small pebbles to work the toes. 

The engineers used rocks embedded in concrete that varied in size and shape. The were also set at different distance apart to change the level of challenge. And they had bypasses if you found the going too tough. 

The engineers used logs to simulate takifumi. Takifumi means to literally "step upon bamboo". Legend has it that samurai warriors would chop down some bamboo from the forest. The Samurai's then split the bamboo and walked on the rounded part for fighting spirit. 

In 1990 we thought that the reflexology paths would spread like wildfire throughout Asia. But it hasn't stopped there as it continued onto to Europe.

 The Germans really were taken with the whole idea. They built sensory pathways that run for a couple of kilometers at times. They include such elements as mud, grass and straw. 

And now it is here in America with Bastyr College and the state of Washington Parks Department building some of the first in the US. 

Here are some links for you.

Kevin Kunz

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Getting into Reflexology Part 1

In a lot of interviews I am asked how I got into reflexology. The answer is quite simple really. I picked up a  reflexology book off the bookstore shelf and  tried it out. One thing led to another as I found people really wanted reflexology for not only their health problems but also the stress they faced.  

The rest is history. After over 30 years of practice, 11 books in 19 languages and countless extraordinary experiences with reflexology I often wonder where I would be if I hadn't picked up that book. 

Learning reflexology is getting easier. Back in the seventies when I started there were few books on reflexology. And the books available then weren't really so richly illustrated as books are today. A lot of reflexology was taught without textbooks. 

But even back then it was fairly easy to get started. You bought a book or learned from some mentor. Then you sought out "guinea pigs"(usually family and friends) and proceeded with what I jokingly call "human experimentation". After awhile you might even take a course if you wanted to go further. 

Sooner or later when word circulated about your skills (and hopefully your results). People outside the circle of family and friends asked if you would work on them. The money question suddenly came up. What to charge and who do I charge? One of many dilemmas you faced. 

And even more challenging is professionalism. It has only been the last few years where a professional class of practitioners has developed. The lack of licensing bodies and professional associations has meant much of professionalism has been left to the individual.  

In this short series I plan to help you get into reflexology whether it is for yourself, your family, or as a profession. Reflexology is still fairly simple to get into even with increasing requirements for professionals. 

Please send me your questions. I will do my best to answer them. 

I wish you the best with reflexology. I hope reflexology will bring the joy to you that it has brought us. 

Kevin Kunz

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Reflexology Reunion

I missed my class reunion. It was too bad as I had family obligations at the time. Joyce invited me even though I ended up graduating from another school. She very nicely wrote me an email to help link me with my boyhood friends after the event.

But her attendance was almost a disaster as she was struck by migraines during the reunion. Let Joyce tell it in her own words.

"I awoke Friday morning in Las Cruces with a migraine, so I called my son who is staying with us in Norman and had him get out your "Complete Reflexology for Life" book and look up the hand and foot points for migraine. Thank you, Kevin!!! It worked. Then again this morning (after traveling yesterday) it hit me again. This time I gave Jim (my husband) the book and had him work on my left foot big toe. He could feel the pressure point flatten out and disappear as he worked on it. And I got immediate relief. I've been a believer for a l-o-n-g time; I think Jim was swayed this morning. I can't get over how thorough the book is, and the illustrations are very helpful! I told a lot of schoolmates about your accomplishments and renown."

I am going to try like crazy to go to the next reunion. I have to meet Joyce again after all these years. And I hope to get a chance to work on her feet.

Kevin Kunz

Complete Reflexology for Life

Complete Reflexology for Life

Monday, July 7, 2008

Most people having foot massage-world record set by Taiwan

Most people having foot massage-world record set by Taiwan

" The years 2008 and 2009 had been designated as the “Tour Taiwan Years.” The Tourism Bureau has been planning a wide variety of exciting events and popular tourist attractions to draw more international visitors to Taiwan, and one of its new ideas is health care tourism.'

"Foot massage is popular in Taiwan. In large cities in Taiwan, there are many foot massage parlours which charge 500 Taiwan dollars (15 US dollars) for 50 minutes of foot massage, which can relieve fatigue and has therapeutic effects for certain illnesses.'

"The previous world record stood at 200 reflexologists with the same number of tourists.'
From World Record Academy

What is fascinating is the enlarged picture.

Kevin Kunz

Thursday, July 3, 2008

We opened a new Reflexology Store

We opened a new Reflexology Store!

We have just started but please visit and see what you think. The Reflexology Store. We all kinds of items with reflexology logos on them from hats to t-shirts. 

We are working on charts for the store which should come soon. If there is a product you would like to see let us know. Email us at


Kevin Kunz

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A 'step' toward better health

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You sometimes run across a really nice success story on the Internet about reflexology. Many reflexologists are drawn to reflexology after getting help for themselves first. Then they get attracted to helping others. It only follows.

Herald-Citizen Online Edition - Cookeville, TN
"More than 31 years ago, Howard Dailey was injured so badly in a motorcycle accident, doctors told him he'd never walk again."

"He says a strong faith and the use of reflexology, a natural healing art technique which uses the feet, helped him walk again."

Liz Engel
Herald-Citizen Staff
Monday, Jun 30, 2008